Sunday, February 6, 2011

Winter in the Sonoran Desert--starkly inviting

Images, Reflections From a Desert Meander
by Sandra Cosentino

Native to the Sonoran Desert, but now living in the Arizona highlands pinyon-juniper habitat, in winter I yearn for desert landscapes. The hard edge of the summer sun and heat soften in winter. Sparse gravelly ground becomes a pallet of dramatic long shadow etchings. The throaty long calls of the cactus wren and soothing contented cuckle murmers of the quail take me deeper into a reverie with the rhythm of the desert.
Paradoxically these prickly, spikey sere plantscapes are dense with the life-filled presence of wintering birds. As I slow down and focus on details of the surprising variety of plant life, the precious balance of life in this harsh aridity comes into stark relief. I hone my appreciation.
For a few timeless moments, there is no time. I am simply here now in soloquie with life expressed as Desert. And emotions which had been perculating beneath the surface unrecognized flowed up and found release here is the sharp relief of the winter desert. An inner peace walks with me as I meander out of the garden.

Palo Verdes not yet in leaf case shapely patterns in this tranquil desert setting.

Barrel Cacus already in flower.

How I love the gambel's quail (this one is a male), a familiar friend in the Sedona area too.

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