Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Shamanic Journey in Today's World

Direct Experience with the Sentient Universe

Excerpts from Part 3 in Earth-Spirit Series by Sandra Cosentino, M.S.

Shamanism--the mystical path of direct experience with the sentient universe--is the worlds' oldest form of communion with Source and is based on a deep, living relation to Nature and inner pathway seer skills. The modern day seer uses archetypal pathways of the soul adapted for today's world. A new shamanism right for today's times is being created by peoples from modern cultures.

These direct experiences of expanded reality shift perceptions and create new neural pathways. New insights flow in that support conscious re-creation of your life in a frequency more aligned with your soul. Each of us has the ability to develop these skills, once the primary domain of the designated "Medicine Man/Woman".

Soul flight/shamanic journey practices are very much alive and thriving in today's world. These are natural, innate talents that can be developed and are compatible with all spiritual traditions. These directly felt experiences beyond our daily understanding potentialize a shift in your inner vibrational field into new possibilities. And collectively, we are contributing to our own species' conscious evolution. 

Ancestral Hopi rock art of Shaman working with
Dragonfly spirit (on his shoulder) to evoke water energies.

Be Your Own Shaman-Seer Insight Retreats
Sandra Cosentino has developed these mentoring experiences based on a lifetime of exploring and connection to the energies of wild nature, and 3 decades of experience with ceremony, lucid dreaming, vision quest, mindfulness practices, meditation and insight retreat facilitation. She has been working with shamanic journey for more than 20 years with a dedication to empowering others to be their own Seer.

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