Thursday, November 10, 2011

Positive Change -- Desert Light Images

by Sandra Cosentino

11-11-11 to me conveys a sense of positive change as millions around the world are treating this as a special day of ceremony.  I think of this as a global version of what humans have done in village groups throughout time.  In the coming together with shared focus, energy moves, gets recreated.

"When we turn to spirit within, an alchemy is released..allow it to flow through you and out to your community and become a point of light in global transformation."  Rev. Bruce Kellogg (Verde Valley, AZ) sees this Friday as an opportunity for each person to recognize their worth thereby fanning the flames of love in your own heart which then ripples out and flows where it needs to be in the universe.

I send you energies and images of light from Southwest Desert lands:
unearthly turquoise and peach colors of high desert sunset

Dale Terbush Desert Twilight painting
Dawn twin balloons rising near Boynton Canyon, Sedona

Double rainbow over the vast Hopi landscape

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