Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nature Mysticism

by Sandra Cosentino, M.S.
Part 1 in Earth-Spirit series

Aspects of mystic connection are explored along with photos from Arizona and Alaska.  Opening and closing paragraphs below.

A Nature Mystic enters into conscious communion with the elements of the natural world.
In a state of expanded now awareness, you sense/invite a merging with vibrational energies from the stars, the earth, the trees, the waters, the bird and animal beings.  As you enter this greater field of energy, you then see through the eyes of your Higher Self and enter a timeless realm Aboriginals call the Dreamtime.  You are awake, yet in an expanded state of consciousness where direct knowing can flow in.  A joyous sense of being part of the larger plan of life often arises spontaneously.

We are part of the living body of the Earth—her vibrational frequency, like ours, is increasing.  Direct experience of her energies grounds and renews us.  Her beauty fills our heart with awe and wonder.  And for the mystic, nature is a portal to expanded awareness.
Tassili Desert
I use this image from the Sahara to give the feeling of early Christian monks practice of seeking “apatheia” (meaning “beyond every image”) in the desert which is mentioned in the article.  

Please see full article:  click here

Young caribou sees me
A young caribou on fall southward migration at Kobuk River portage, Alaska, who spots me laying there in the bushes next to her.

Sandra, an Arizona native and life long Nature lover-explorer, is the founder of Crossing Worlds Journeys &; Retreats, Sedona, AZ since 1991 following her return from 10 years in Alaska.

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